VenueConnect report: STANDS! STANDS! STANDS!

We had the extremely exciting opportunity to actually talk with some of the Asgard staff at their VenueConnect booth! We did our best to be casual about it; playing a little hard-to-get without seeming too standoffish.

The Asgard staff said their display itself generated a lot of excitement –  specifically, their custom-designed kiosks.

“We had several people approach us about where our stands came from,” laughs one Katana exhibitor.

Crafted by designer Sarah Oh, the kiosks clearly deserve the attention.


Oh with her creations

The reason they’re so effective is they’re locally grown, free-range, grass-fed kiosks, brought to display in families so their use is as humane as possible.


A herd out to pasture

The enthusiasm has been “stunning,” says Oh, and the interest in their quality has led to the possibility of entering new industries “as early as a fall line.” (Artist’s rendering.)



Live Blog from VenueConnect 2012: New Friends!

Leah flew in just in time to join Lia for the fun-filled night ahead at VenueConnect 2012! Tonightwe tried our hand at the ancient art of attempting to eat and talk to people at the same time. Thankfully we managed to meet a lot of exciting attendees, and feel compelled to give a shout out to our favorites.

Members from The Civic Center of Greater Des Moines were very helpful in offering insight into what a performing arts venue might be looking for at this conference. They also executed superb handshakes, which we really take into account.

B-R Carts and Kiosks lured us in with their kind smiles and incredible cupcake display. They were excited to connect with current and future clients. If they could come up with a portable solution for our cupcake hankering, imagine what else they’re capable of!

Global Spectrum/ Augusta Entertainment Complex achieved all-star status when they helped us better understand the potential software needs of an arena while also ignoring the cupcake remnants that were just everywhere. They were looking to purchase some cooling systems and furniture (not from us, thankfully. Leah didn’t bring any cooling systems, to her deep regret, and Lia’s taste in furniture is “ghastly” as Leah has said over and over). We wish them much luck in their quest nonetheless.

Vendor Susan Logothetis blew our minds when she told us about her 24 years of experience attending VenueConnect. She has seen many changes in the products being showcased over the years, and with Asgard splash this weekend, this year’s conference is no exception. We also agreed heavily about the deliciousness of Dove bars.

Delta AV effectively used our love of Kenny Loggins to work its way into our hearts. They must have known we would be within earshot.
Honorable Mentions: the Hula Dancer and the Steel Drums Musician stationed at Polynesian Palace Hospitality Zone. And of course, that chocolate fountain. We loved everything it did and didn’t say.

We look forward to meeting the rest of you and seeing these VenueConnect champions interact with The Asgard Team again in booth 807 tomorrow!

Live Blog from VenueConnect 2012: Set-up Sightings

I have arrived safely at the IAVM Venueconnect 2012 conference. From what I can see, the Asgard team appears to be settled and ready to make friends in booth 807. I was able to fly out earlier than Leah and witness the spectacular set-up process that took place yesterday. If I HAD to choose a favorite feature of the booth that wasn’t the Asgard software itself OR the custom designed kiosks for mobile device demonstrations OR the good-looking and friendly Asgard team, I would say it’s the fabulously comfortable carpet they have chosen.

Nice touch, Asgard.

Stand by for more exciting details!