Katana just released this blog post about their new system for tracking warranties in Asgard. 

What? Huh?: Tracking asset warranties and automatic alerts to warranty expirations. So if the televisions in every room of your hotel came with two-year warranties, that information will be recorded in Asgard when one breaks in a year and a half.

Unexpected Perk: Not paying to replace the lawnmowers the manufacturer will fix for free – money you’re now free to spend on the Tina Turner concert that just came to town.

Our Favorite Part: It was based on a customer’s idea!

Least Favorite Part: The warranty expiration alert. I’m not a fan of receiving bad news, you know?

Dramatic Reenactment: You’re enjoying a typical afternoon logged into Asgard, minding your own business, when all of a sudden a customer frantically alerts you that the refrigerator in their room is leaking water all over their floor. You check the asset in Asgard and see its warranty can get it repaired in less time than it takes to ask ‘what’s love got to do with it?’ Thanks, Asgard!

Overall Rating Measured In TINA TURNERS:



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