Katana just released this blog post about their new system for vendor management in Asgard. 

What? Huh?: The ability to define and manage a company-wide vendor list that can also be customized at regional operational sites.

Unexpected Perk: A newer site has an easy list to choose vendors from that their company already likes, dramatically reducing the hassle of shopping around and figuring out who to trust.

Our Favorite part: You can pull reports of local and national vendor utilization – for instance, you could see a list of your company’s other sites which are Asgard clients and sites that have yet to see the error of their ways.

Least Favorite Part: All this talk about vending is making us hungry.

Dramatic Reenactment: A new timeshare opens up in Virginia, terrifyingly unaware of where their parent company typically orders its bulk cleaning supplies. A savvy employee, aware of Asgard’s new feature, reports where that bulk order relationship already exists and then on their walk home from work they find twenty dollars.

Overall Rating Measured In Jacksons:

5/5 JACKSONS or a cool $100


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