Katana just released this blog post about their new system for packaging financial reports in Asgard.

What? Huh?: Combines capital planning and reserve reports into a ‘financial report package’

Unexpected Perk: Advanced ‘what-if’ scenario modeling. Like, ‘What will our financial report look like IF a meteor is headed for earth!?’

Our Favorite Part: While Asgard does the packaging for you, you’ve got time to work on that ‘Meteor Heading For Earth Survival Plan’ you’ve been putting off.

Least Favorite Part: Noticeable lack of complimentary soundtrack by Aerosmith.

Dramatic Reenactment: Your coworkers huddle together, praying in the face of the impending Armageddon, and you’re running. Running through the office past them, out of breath, down the hallway, you crash through the door of your boss’s office as the blazing orange of the cosmic fireball lights up the sky – and slap down the capital planning and reserve report printout on the desk. In one easy, convenient financial report. Everything’s gonna be okay.

Overall Rating Measured In METEORS:

5/5 Meteors


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