Katana just released this blog post about their new service quality inspection application for Asgard.

What? Huh?: A new  feature that allows different operations to schedule quality assurance inspections at any location, with pre-programmed and customizable inspection points.

Unexpected Perk: Inspectors can automatically create new work order tickets for failed inspection items to tie together the QA and the rework cycle. Housekeeping is being called to the site faster than you could say “this floor should be more thoroughly mopped.”

Our Favorite Part: Inspectors could also use iPads or other mobile devices  to perform and update the tasks instantly.

Least Favorite Part: “Failed” inspection items report lower self esteem.

Dramatic Reenactment: A timeshare in Alabama and a timeshare in Texas are having simultaneous inspections of nearly identical HVAC systems. Suddenly, states away, both inspectors hear an identically identical rattling noise from their rooms’ air conditioners. One inspector panics, sprints to his site’s head of maintenance, and spends  nearly four minutes explaining the issue. The other inspector calmly scores the item on his mobile device, which automatically whips up a new work order ticket to address the problem – all with the precision and poise of a surgeon. Thanks, Asgard!

Overall Rating Measured In SELF ESTEEMS:



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