In order to better understand what we’re dealing with, I would like to take a look at the origins of Asgard (the legendary place) and draw what conclusions I can about Asgard (the software).

The Legend of Asgard 

From what I’ve been able to gather via some speed-reading, Asgard is the dwelling place of the Norse gods, along with their great software appropriately named the Asgard software. Asgard (the heavenly location) was much like Mount Olympus in Greek mythology, but noticeably less Greek and with a lot more software. In fact, the Norse gods BECAME gods because they used Asgard software, which a lot of people confused with ‘magic.’ Within Asgard, each important god had his own palace where he used the Asgard software with abandon. Finally, Asgard could only be reached by way of a rainbow bridge, but they seem to have made it much more convenient nowadays.

Apparently, Thor himself has been keeping this facilities management system a secret from the rest of the world for thousands of years. 

What a jerk.

– Lia



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