Katana just released this blog post that mentions their system for ad hoc work orders in Asgard.

What? Huh?: Staff members, guests, or fans can place a work order for a specific singular location. For example, a fan at a baseball stadium might calmly report that their front-row seat has just caved in due to the excessive amount of fun being had.

Unexpected Perk: Fan experiences are more likely to remain at a level of awesome when you are notified about and can fix their caved-in chair.

Our Favorite Part: Knowing the exact location of the work order so you can get down there and do something about it.

Least Favorite Part: What if we’d rather not know? Ignorance can be bliss.

Dramatic Reenactment: : A guest reports that something small, magical and vaguely Irish is wreaking havoc in the Unit #4 Common Area Men’s Room. You see the work order and its location, so you quickly respond AND it turns out to be a leprechaun. That pot of gold is yours, man.

Thanks, Asgard.

Overall Rating Measured In LEPRECHAUNS:



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  1. […] Our Favorite Part: We love when our inspectors (and not our customers) are the first ones to notice which appliances aren’t functional  anymore – more preventive work orders means less ad hoc work orders. […]

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