Katana just released this blog post about their system for project work orders in Asgard. 

What? Huh?: Project work orders do not reoccur periodically but may need to involve many locations, such as a one-time effort to change the outdoor locks for many units, or sprinkle fake snow on every front door because your coworker Sven got homesick for the Swiss Alps.

Unexpected Perk: Includes the abilities (costs, detail for stock and inventory items, labor hours, vendor contract effort, and purchase orders) of the ad hoc work order with the multiple location ability of the preventive work order, giving you super mutant work order abilities. You know, if you want them, like the San Diego Padres.

Our Favorite Part: Individual locations can be ‘checked off’ as they are completed, which makes it easy to see the overall project work order’s progress. ‘Only four more units need snow before Sven will stop crying!’

Least Favorite Part: Why are we using this amazing tool to help Sven? He eats everyone’s lunches out of the fridge and ‘accidentally’ keeps all the pens. We hate Sven!

Dramatic Reenactment: You’re really REALLY sick of Sven by now, so you create another Project Work Order to not only REVERSE all of the fake snow that’s being deposited on all units, but to also put in pictures of tarantulas, which everyone knows are Sven’s worst nightmare, in the hopes that he’ll be frightened away. Once all of the individual locations have been ‘checked off’ on this tarantula Project Work Order, Sven high tails it out of there.

Merci*, Asgard.

Overall Rating Measured In TARANTULAS:


*Swiss-German for ‘Thank You,’ which is French-er than we would have thought


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