Material available upon request

Joint Blogs

Thoroughly Thorough Reviews: Thoreau, Theroux and The Row – More related than you might think

Moderately Thorough Reviews – We were young. We didn’t know

Leah’s Past Blogs

Grammar And Punctuation Across The Internet – If you’re not angry, your not paying attention

Society’s Unfair Bias Toward Attractive People: A Collection Of Studies – No reason, I was just curious

People Who Didn’t Like Me In High School Who I Am More Successful Than – Scientifically justified

All Dating Sites: A Review – Literally none were successful

Lia’s Past Blogs

Cheesecake Is Pretty Much Always Delicious – This one had a short run

The Vegas Strip’s Top Neon Signs – A ‘Best Of’ Album, where all of them made the list!

America’s Next Top Hand Model – No racy photo submissions, please


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