Katana just released this blog post about their new system for tracking warranties in Asgard.

What? Huh?: Asgard is now compatible with smart phones/iPhones/iPads, Droids, etc. In other words, it looks and IS sexier than ever.

Unexpected Perk: Generates a lot of excitement among staff by increasing effectiveness and accountability, not to mention sexy iPads!

Our Favorite Part: Increases speed of service, not unlike the movie Speed, except completely unlike the movie Speed save for the title and perhaps sexiness (due to Sandra Bullock/aforementioned iPads).

Least Favorite Part: With the mobile device web app, staff assignments, call responses, and the completion cycle take way less time (Lia especially LOVES taking up time).

Dramatic Re-enactment: There’s a major spill in a major walkway. Since Asgard is with the times, mobile workers armed with iPads are made aware of the work order and maintenance can quickly and effectively respond, not unlike maintenance-themed superheroes. The super-human staff has saved the day once again.

Thanks, Asgard.

Overall Rating Measured In Speed VHSes:




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